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EcoHealth Research with Indigenous Communities

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning Publications:

1.     Cunsolo Willox, A., S.L. Harper, D. Bridger, S. Morton, A. Orbach, S. Sarapura. 2010.  Co-creating metaphor in the classroom for deeper learning: Student reflections.  International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 22(1): 71-79. [peer reviewed]  Click here for article.

2.  Harper, S.L. Fall 2010. Written feedback to enhance student learning. University of Guelph TAbloid [non-peer reviewed]  Click here for article.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference Presentations and Seminars

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1.     Harper, S.L., J. Higginson. March 2012. “Are your graduate students learning how to teach? Learning in UNIV*6800 University Teaching: Theory and Practice.” Community of Teachers, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON.

2.     Kenny, N., P. Wolf, S. Baldwin, S.L. Harper, A. Legwegoh W. Pons. May 2011. “Improving the quality of teaching in higher education: the impact of a graduate course on university teaching.”  Annual Teaching & Learning Innovations Conference, Closing Plenary. Guelph, ON.

3.     Cunsolo Willox, A., S.L. Harper. May 2010.  “Co-Creating Metaphor in the Classroom for Deeper Learning:  An emergent pedagogical strategy.”  Annual Teaching and Learning Innovations Conference, Oral Presentation. Guelph, ON.

4.     Harper, S.L.  September 2007.  “Welcome and Opening Plenary: Experienced TA Panel.”  2007 Teaching Assistant Conference, University of Guelph, ON.