sherilee harper

EcoHealth Research with Indigenous Communities

Radio Interviews


Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio National, The Science Show:

Vancouver Redeye – Co-op Radio:

Voice of America Radio:

CBC Radio:

  • CBC Radio, Labrador Morning Show: Interview. January 2014.  Listen to the interview.
  • CBC Radio, Iqaluit: Interview.  May 2013.
  • CBC Radio, Iqaluit:  Interview.  March 2013.
  • CBC Radio, Iqaluit:  Interview.  September 2012.
  • CBC Radio, Iqaluit:  Interview.  March 2012.
  • CBC Radio, Labrador Morning Show: Interview.  August 2009.

Rigolet Community Radio Station:

  • Multiple Interviews with S.L. Harper. 2006-2012.