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EcoHealth Research with Indigenous Communities

Harper Lab Student Resource Blog – (beta version)

The Harper EcoHealth Lab has a new student resource blog – it is a space for students to connect, learn, and explore. The beta-version of the blog was developed by Carlee Wright (MSc student) and Jen Truong (Summer Research Assistant).  Check it out:

The blog welcomes undergraduate, graduate, and incoming students.  If you are just starting your thesis project and perhaps you have no idea what to expect – no worries, many students feel this way!

That’s why we created the blog – to help you enjoy and thrive in this new environment, with different resources that will be useful during your studies. You can find out all of this information and more on this new website.

Graduate studies and an undergraduate thesis projects can be very intense, but we’re here to help you relieve some stress. So breathe, relax, sit back and enjoy browsing this site!