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EcoHealth Research with Indigenous Communities

Vivienne Steele selected to serve as a Young Leader for Women Deliver

Congratulations to Vivienne Steele (MSc Candidate) for being selected as a Young Leader in the Women Deliver program!  “The award-winning Women Deliver Young Leaders Program provides youth advocates with opportunities to take their work advancing gender equality to the next level.” Continue reading

Indigenous Maternal Health Research in Uganda

Written by Julia Bryson, Undergraduate Researcher

PhD Candidate Kate Patterson and Research Assistants Julia Bryson, Mackenzie Wilson, and Emma Windfeld, along with two core IHACC students Grace Asaasira and Phiny Smith of Makerere University, have been working in Uganda researching maternal health among Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities in Kanungu District. Here is an update on their work and adventures! Continue reading

Indigenous Maternal Health Research in Uganda

Written by Emma Windfeld, Research Assistant

Kate Patterson, a PhD student at the University of Guelph, is completing her thesis on maternal health among Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations. Kate and three research assistants—Julia Bryson, Mackenzie Wilson, and Emma Windfeld—are conducting fieldwork in Buhoma, where they will spend a total of five weeks. When they arrived in Buhoma two weeks ago they were welcomed into the “Monkey House,” which they are very happy to call home for their time here. The Monkey House is a quiet and welcoming accommodation built on a hill above Bwindi Community Hospital. It is named after the mischievous red-tailed monkeys that scamper around the roof and swing through the trees that surround the house, and that occasionally cause a stir by fighting with the chickens that roam the backyard. Kate, Julia, Mackenzie, and Emma often enjoy working on the back porch but have to be careful that the monkeys don’t snatch their pens or phones.

For the past two weeks here in Buhoma, the four researchers have traveled by car or on foot to nearby communities in Uganda’s Kanungu District to gather maternal health data through surveys of the local women. Continue reading

Canadian Network for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Conference: Adolescents identified as a priority population

Written by Kaitlin Patterson, PhD Candidate

cesarkateThis week I attended the Canadian Network for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Conference in Montreal. The focus of the panels and discussions was the 3 Ps: Partnerships, Policy, and Progress. Discussions ranged from how and which policies can support the achievement of the sustainable development goals (in particular those related to maternal and child health, and gender equality), successes and lessons learned in programming and partnerships, and pathways for the future. I was also delighted to run into an IHACC and CCIFS3 collaborator Dr. Cesar Carcamo from the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. It was really great to connect with him and take a token IHACC pic! Continue reading