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EcoHealth Research with Indigenous Communities

Arctic Change Conference 2014- Ottawa ON

Reflection written by Manpreet Saini

The Harper lab arrived in Ottawa late Monday afternoon. We drove from Guelph and it was a great team-building experience! The Arctic Change Conference was off to a great start as we attended the second Student Day plenary ses1654949_10152426942067413_3278415646707691609_osion on “ADAPT as a model of project-level collaboration”. It was incredibly exciting to be here with a great group of individuals, researchers and specialists. We are looking forward to the upcoming days that are jam-packed with great talks, poster sessions and presentations.

Author: KateBishop-Williams

I am a goal-oriented individual with a passion for epidemiology, participatory methodologies, ecohealth and research. I am organized and efficient, both necessary traits for success in graduate school. I am a clear communicator and put an emphasis on plain language translations and conference attendance in my studies. I have published one peer-previewed article, and have 3 in submission now. I have given 6 academic research presentations at conferences and presented 10 academic posters to date.

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